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Get $50 OFF all TinyPortraits orders this holiday season!  That’s $50 off EVERY PORTRAIT and perfect for families of all sizes.  Four portraits equals a $200 savings!  Now is the time to celebrate what you love with those you love the most.  Oh yea, professional prints are available too.  Keep the original and gift the prints!

Send an email to monte@monteritz.com to say hello and share a little bit about what you’d like to celebrate.

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Closing Gifts Get Classy

New York real estate brokers are upping their game by getting classy with closing gifts.  Marcene Hedayati of William Raveis Legends Realty Group crowned her recent sale of a Westchester estate with an exquisite drawing by Monte Ritz.  This brilliant gift idea offers rewards for buyer and broker for years to come and is a clear reminder that the best in the biz always find a way to bring personalized, client-centric service into everything they do – A to Z.  Bravo Marcene!  See more at tinyportraits.me

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Closing Gifts that Keep On Giving

CindyClosingGiftBrooklyn broker Cindy Fazio of Brown Harris Stevens teams up with illustrator Monte Ritz to create an unforgettable closing gift.  Cindy commemorated her recent sale by giving the seller a stylish drawing of their cherished Park Slope brownstone.  Drawings like this are showcased in the home and offer Cindy the chance to be a part of conversations for years to come.  Proof positive that smart, white-glove brokerage service is alive and well in Brooklyn.  See more at tinyportraits.me


Fantabulous Holiday Gifts

A few months ago I had the great privilege to work on a huge ad campaign for Johnson & Johnson that ran in 5 languages across 20 countries.  The campaign featured over 30 detailed and expressive drawings of fans riveted by the unfolding drama that came out of the 2014 World Cup games.  As a result, I developed quite a kinship with digital illustration (using a Wacom tablet and stylus) and have since added this method to the Tiny Portraits product-line repertoire.

Have a look-see:

Meow, Baby

This was the first holiday season that I’ve been totally devoted to making portraits.  Thirty-two portraits in November and December, all of them commissioned as gifts for others.  Cats, dogs, children, grandchildren, mothers, fathers, grandparents, family homes, all of them given so that the things they love can be celebrated and shared with someone else.

I’m forever amazed at how the simple act of sharing can ignite so much love in a relationship. Celebrating love – generates love.  Beautiful.

Valentine’s Day is coming up.  Who’s flame are you gonna fan?



Once in a while I have an experience that completely changes my outlook on life.  An instance of orchestrated ah-ha moments that together, change the way I conduct my day-to-day.  A moment that allows me to shed old habits and move forward with a new and improved state of mind.

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to participate in the Atlantic Antic, arguably NYC’s largest and most festive street fair.  I don’t think there’s ever been a time in my life where I’ve talked with so many people about the work I produce.  Young and old, rich and poor, near and far.  This small stretch of 10 blocks on Atlantic Avenue felt like I had a table along a path of converging cultures – and it was amazing.

My takeaway is that I’m too timid.  Too scared to talk freely boldly about the things that matter most.  Too afraid that my shoddy articulation of these things will add to false narratives in the minds of my listeners.  But I learned something that day.  I learned that if I made an effort to speak instead of staying silent – outcomes exceed expectations.  For a shy guy like me this is like living in the dream where you show up to a huge event without clothes – but instead of being embarrassed, I was emboldened.  Why?  I tried.  Just the simple act of trying gave me beautiful, encouraging, instructive comments and conversations that have altered my outlook forever.  Really.

So the next time you’re in a moment of fear, don’t flinch.  It could turn out to be the greatest thing of all.

Thanks so much for those of you who came out.  I’m grateful for my friends.

A special thanks to the ultimate Brooklyn kids boutique Junior Lowe, and the fantabulously chic menswear outfitter Goose Barnacle for tolerating my tiny little table.

Cheers everyone,




Come on out to Brooklyn’s premiere street fair this Sunday, September 29th.  The Atlantic Antic has been gathering momentum for nearly 40 years and is now expected to have over 1,500 food, music, books, clothes, collectibles, and crafts vendors to the Boerum Hill, Cobble Hill, and Brooklyn Heights sections of Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn.

A special thanks thanks to the superb local kid shop Junior Lowe (89 Atlantic Avenue) for giving Tiny Portraits space to set up a table and take photographs for any and all who want to create Tiny Portraits.  Take advantage of a complementary photo shoot and get a start on the holidays.  Or just come by and say hi.

 Hope to see you there!

Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 1.34.51 PM
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Gifts that give back

My 4yo daughter brought this to me the other day and said, “Here’s my Tiny Portrait daddy.”  I was distracted by work, bills, dinner, and other hurdles people and parents face on a daily basis.  I wasn’t paying attention so she piped up again, “Daddy I said here’s my Tiny Portrait!”  I turned my attention to her and my burdened countenance broke, my heart lightened, and I witnessed one of the most beautiful experiences of being a dad – and being human.  A moment when someone you love does something for the sole purpose of  participating in your life.  “Who is it?” I asked.  “Meeeeee” she gleefully replied with a smile that lit up the room – and my heart.

In that moment I was reminded that love and happiness can be products of something incredibly simple:  Include the ones you love in something unexpected.  Whether it’s a simple note, a surprise dance move, or a Tiny Portrait, taking the time to do something out of the ordinary for the ones we love can provide us with the greatest gifts of all.

Thank you Rose.  I love being your dad.


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