Welcome!  Want to order a Tiny Portrait?  Cool.  Just follow this one simple step to start the process:

1. Say hi.  Email monte@monteritz.com to say hi, mention your interest in a Tiny Portrait, and send a photo of your special person, place, or thing.  A few is preferred – smartphone pics are acceptable.

Delivery is approximately 3 to 4 weeks from order date.  Need a gift right away?  No problem.  Gift certificates are available.

Pay by check or PayPal.

50% Deposit required for all orders.

Products & Prices (shipping not included):

Digital Drawing 5″x7″ Tiny Portrait w/ one subject, framed $199.00

The 5″x7″ digital drawing is the latest product in the Tiny Portraits portfolio.  Drawn with a Wacom tablet and stylus, these beauties are printed on the same high quality drawing paper as the Classic Tiny Portraits and offers a unique flavor of charm and craftsmanship at a more affordable price.

Classic 5″x7″ Tiny Portrait, graphite on paper w/ one subject, framed $299.00

PriceViolet   PriceHouse2   PriceHenryDog
The Classic 5″x7″ Tiny Portrait is the perfect fit for the connoisseur looking for an exquisitely drawn graphite portrait small enough to fit on a desk, piano, wall, or office cubicle.  The versatile size and superb craftsmanship makes the Classic Tiny Portrait a perfect opportunity to celebrate and share what you love.

 Classic 5″x7″ Tiny Portrait, graphite paper w/ two subjects, framed $399.00

Price2   SissonsThumb
Classic 5″x7″ Tiny Portrait, graphite on paper w/ three subjects, framed $525.00

Price3   LoweThumb.3
Collegiate 8″x10″ graphite on paper drawing, $499.00

PriceBorough  PriceIceCream
The Collegiate 8″x10″ drawing offers more presence, detail, and gravitas to what you love most.  Added size = added celebration.

Collector 11″x14″ graphite on paper drawing w/one subject, $799.00

PriceWillowPl PriceWillowPL2
Collector 11″x14″ pastel/oil/watercolor on paper, $999.00

PriceY PriceY2
The 11″x14″ Collector editions are for patrons with a taste for fine detail, simple beauty, and ultimate impact.  These products are framed with the highest quality archival materials.

To get started email monte@monteritz.com


Monte Ritz

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